harley's Simi Bowl Rates

  • Each lane can hold up to 6 bowlers.

  • harley's offers the latest in Bumper Bowling Technology.

  • Our Automatic Bumper lanes are available at No Extra Cost. Our Bumpers POP up for the small kids and drop down for older kids and adults!

  • Friday - Sunday 5pm pricing used on Holidays

Additional Costs:

Shoe Rental: $4.75

Socks available in Vending Machines.


*Open Play times are subject to availability due to league play. It is recommended to call your center for availability.


Don't want to walk in and see all the lanes filled with leagues?

See our list of Open Play availability after visiting our weekly Specials Page

Open Play Availability

Sundays 8am - Midnight
      (Limited lanes from 5pm-9:00pm)
Mondays 9am - 8pm
      (Very Limited lanes from 11:30am-3pm)
Tuesdays 9am - Midnight
      (Very Limited lanes from 5Pm-9pm)

Wednesdays 9am - 5pm
Thursdays 9am - Midnight
      (Limited lanes 9am - noon & 5pm-9pm)
Fridays 9am - 1am
      (Limited lanes 12pm - 5pm)
Saturdays 9am - 1am
      (Very limited lanes 9am - 11am)